“Life is hard. And life is even harder if you’re stupid.” — John Wayne

About me


Not only do you have access to the article you wish to read, but also you have access to all other resources including learning how to build a professional website without knowing a single line of code.

I am a teacher by profession. But on the side, I have been building Google-friendly websites (community-based, e-commerce, and blogsites) since 2012.

I have a solid understanding of how WordPress web applications work including security, SEO, and other WordPress best development practices.

I have a background in installing/customizing website themes, customizing landing pages, using page builders like Elementor, installing plugins, and other web development tasks.

Why Learn WordPress

WordPress is a software used to build, modify, and maintain websites. It is by far the most popular (CMS) Content Management System powering 65.2% of websites. That translates to 42.4% of all websites – nearly half of the internet.

And many businesses across the world are looking for people who know how to build and manage a WordPress-based website.

I’m gonna reveal how I am doing it step by step. Yes, I’ll share with you all of my tricks and tips to build a fast-loading, secure, and SEO/Google-friendly website.

Important Links and Resources

I am also sharing with you some of the best resources you can use to present and make your ideas happen.

Most importantly, I will share all legit freelance platforms you can use to make money from your creative ideas.

What You Need

Well, besides focus and dedication, you will need a computer with internet access. And a cup of coffee, or a bottle of beer. Why not?

Where To Pay

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