check out




  • to look at  or explore something, for the first time.
  • examine something  in order to be certain that everything is correct, true, or satisfactory.
  • leave a hotel
  • to vacate and pay for one’s lodging (as at a hotel).
  • to have the cost of purchases totaled and pay the cost.



I’ve been taking lots of picturesjust to check out the camera.

Go to the doctor and get yourself checked out.

Hey, check out this video!

I’ve heard a lot about that band. I really need to check them out.

I really want to go check out that new coffee shop on Broadway.

We checked out (of/from our hotel) at 5 a.m. to catch a 7 a.m. flight.

May I settle my bill, please? I’d like to check out.

Please remember to leave your room keys at reception when you check out.

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