Convert Chinese RMB into Philippine Peso In A Flash

Convert Chinese RMB into Philippine Peso In A Flash

Are you looking to convert your hard-earned Chinese RMB into Philippine Peso? If so, this article can help you. Do you have a BDO or BPI account? Good. You don’t have one? Don’t worry. There’s a work-around. Now, I am assuming that you have a WeChat account to get this transfer done. Yes? Then let’s get started.

Chat With Chatt On WeChat

Like everyone else, I was skeptical at first. Scams happen a lot on WeChat. You can’t just trust people right away. Other than her money transfer services, I knew nothing about Ms. Chatt. But I trusted my guts and I wanted a faster and more convenient option to get some of my RMB transferred to my bank account in real-time.

The process is easy. All you have to do is send the amount (RMB) you want transferred to your BDO or BPI account to her WeChat account. While convenient, this method does come with a transaction fee of 50 RMB. The total amount sent to her should include the fee (50 RMB) per transaction. So, if you want to exchange 1000 RMB, you need to also add 50 RMB.

How Is Money Transfer Done

  1. Copy and paste. Make sure to copy your bank account number and send it to her along with your first and last name. She will double-check these pieces of information with you.
  2. Send the RMB to her. Go to her WeChat account. Find the transfer option. Type in, for example, 1050 RMB, enter your PIN then hit OK.
  3. Double-check the Peso. She will double-check the converted peso amount with you before she hits submit. Wait for Ms. Chatt to transfer the peso equivalent to your bank account. The transaction between you and Ms. Chatt gets done in about 1 to 2 minutes depending on the mobile app’s availability, internet connection, etc. Sometimes we get this message while in the process of transferring:

There was a problem connecting to BDO Mobile Banking. Please try again later.

Don’t worry. I am her regular customer speaking from my own experience. I have never had any issues with her. I’m not even paid for writing this and I am not asking to. All I want is you guys know that there are other ways to get things done. And maybe my personal experience can help you out. 

Anyways, once the transfer is done, she will send you a screenshot of the confirmation message containing the amount being sent, to whom it’s sent and the reference number. You can then access your bank account to verify the details she has sent. Done.

I Don’t Have A Bank Account

No problem. You can also pick up your cash via the following Pera Padala Centers:

  • Palawan
  • Cebuana
  • MLhuillier

I have never tried this, but maybe one day I will. Unlike bank to bank transfer though where you only pay 50 RMB per transaction, cash pick up option requires you to pay the local charge as well. Meaning, besides paying 50 RMB, you also have to pay the service fee associated with the local money transfer.

Exchange Rate Please

She runs a group chat where she regularly posts her exchange rate in. You guys get to know the rates moving up and down on a daily basis as she also depends on the current market rate. At the end of the day, you call the shots. I find this option helpful especially on those days when I need emergency peso funds.

Do you think you need help, add her up on WeChat: iamchatt. She will automatically add you to her group. And lastly, the maximum amount she can help you with is 7000 RMB. Remember, I am taking advantage of her services because under my own circumstances, I see them fit, fast, and far better. That’s all for now folks! Hope this helps.

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