How Can ESL Teachers Make Money While Sleeping

How Can ESL Teachers Make Money While Sleeping

I have met ESL teachers who can write a novel and speak like a native speaker without any idea that they can build an online business around their skills. I know one friend whose English, both spoken and written suck big time, but he earns so much more than those people I know with excellent English communication skills.

The vast majority of ESL teachers I know get no income when they don’t get bookings or when students cancel their classes. When these teachers get sick, their pockets also get sick. It pains me to see passionate, dedicated, and excellent ESL teachers who could have earned so much more being dead broke.

Here’s the funny thing: This person I am talking about is using English to earn money. Having said that, what I am going to tell you will make you realize you already have what it takes to be successful in this venture. So, get ready to learn and earn.

Once Upon A Time

Google wasn’t yet as mighty as it is today. The search engine business was still dominated by Yahoo back in the old days. Yes, back in the day Yahoo was everyone’s favorite. Just like how Friendster was everyone’s Facebook. But then Google has made web search even simpler, faster, and better.

Google wants to make sure when you search online you get what you really need. The now search giant hates fake content. That’s why when you google for the information you need, the top website you see in the organic (not paid) search results contains content that answers your query. The ones that come second, third and so on (those that appear below the website that ranks first) are also reliable sources. 

You see, Google knows which website can provide you with the best information. And these pieces of information can be obtained from websites made by other people. People like you, like me. But Google demands if you create a website, the contents have to be good, they have to be useful. If it sees websites with no real intention of adding value to the readers, Google would never allow these websites to be searchable. Therefore, fake websites have no business being on the web.

Tell Us Your Story

This opportunity I’m talking about doesn’t require you to knock on somebody’s front door to sell products. Most ESL teachers I know hate selling. Care to know what they love doing? It’s buying, shopping, browsing online stores like Lazada and Zalora, eating out, travelling, watching movies. They can tell you where to buy the best this and that, where exactly you can eat this and that kind of food, where to spend your weekend, which beach to pick when you go on vacation, why product a is better than product B, why car wash A is better than car wash B.

In my opinion, the best person to recommend a product or service is you. I don’t think all commercial models actually use or eat what they promote on TV, on the radio, and in the newspapers. Would they be as excited to eat fast food, canned goods, and noodles in real life? What do you think? It’s never late to start talking about what you want others to know about what you have experienced. Google will like it when real people like you start to create websites and author contents that add value to other people’s lives. Let me help you how to start.

ESL Teachers Make Money

Create A Blog or Vlog

If you recommend something, you have to either write about it or talk about it. If you don’t like writing, don’t worry. You can still make money by talking. Let’s talk about setting up a website first. A website is where you log your experiences (the best and the worst of them) so other people can learn from you. Let me tell you. Building a website is a piece of cake. I am telling you from my own experience.

Not to mention, these days, you can set up your own website in a matter of clicks and drag and drop. When I decided to start, I knew nothing. I don’t have an IT degree. No one was there to help me either. For me, you don’t have to know everything before you start. Just start and I promise, you will know what you need to know as you go along. 

Why Create A Website

A website is like a store. But unlike a physical store, you don’t have to attend to your products every single time in order to get a sale. If you have a website, your products are what you have written (articles, quotes) what you have posted (image), what you have recorded (video, audio). Your product is your blog. By the way, blog used to be called Web log. People eventually has gotten used to calling Weblog down to just blog.

Remember, you are already good at recommending stuff to your friends. You may now be using a product or service worth talking or writing about, but you don’t do anything at all to get paid for using it. What should you do? Blog about your experience! Blog on a subject you are familiar about.

Look around you: Billboards, brochures, TV commercials, classified ads, Facebook ads, endless ads. Everywhere you look, you will see and hear people giving product recommendations and getting paid for doing it.

Now let’s go back to the real question. Why do you need to create a website? What’s in it for you? You need a website simply because it allows you to make money even if you are sleeping. Your website is open 24 hours. Imagine how many people from around the world visit your website because they like your articles, your photos and your videos. They think your articles are useful. Are you now getting it? You can make money from your blog. 

I get visitors from other countries other than the Philippines

This is how television networks make money. They create TV series with the best casts on it, air it at the time they think it will get the most number of views, then command a higher rate for the ads that show during commercial breaks! That’s why the more you watch TV series, the more you make celebrities successful. So, start being one. 

How To Create A Website

Setting up a website won’t cost you a fortune. You can build one yourself for around PHP2000 good for one year. The very first thing you need to do however is craft a name for your website. A website’s name is called domain name. Others call it URL. ( Choose the one that makes you feel proud. Just like mine (kenjie dot me), it could be your own name, your nickname, your daughter’s name, your dog’s. You call the shots.

Whether you prefer to use dot com, dot me, dot net, dot ph, it won’t matter. Now go to namecheap and buy a name for your website. The price depends. All you have to do to figure out how much is by typing in the name you like and hit search. The results will follow telling you how much and whether the name is taken and all.

Type in your domain name as shown above

The next thing you need to have is hosting. Hosting is much like the space that you rent out to have your business in. Also think of it as a house where you store all your stuffs, but instead of storing your clothes and furniture, you store computer files (HTML, documents, images, videos, etc) and make them viewable by other people who type in your domain name into the browser. (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari)

EasyWP hosting
Hosting I’m using

The best thing about Namecheap is you can buy everything you need to build a working website (domain name, SSL, hosting) for as low as PHP2000 good for a year. Besides, if you run into some hiccups, you can right away ask assistance from their customer support via live chat.

For an in-depth tutorial as to how to build a website without knowing a single line of code though, send me a message here.

Everywhere-based Business

When your website is up, it’s now time to drive traffic to it. How? Blog about your passion, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, everywhere! Sharing your article across social media platforms is just one way to get your brand noticed. Needless to say, there are several other excellent ways. But let’s not talk about it today.

Right now, however, it’s necessary to give you an overview about this opportunity you are missing out on. Your website being open 24/7 to people around the world allows you to make money when you place ads on it. Again, a major chunk of money earned by Facebook, newspapers, radio and television networks for example comes from selling advertisement spots. It’s the ads that play during TV shows where earnings come from. If the shows get popular, prices go up.

In the same manner, you produce or post articles on your own website, 
make them viral, allow ads to appear on your pages, go to sleep, and earn money. 

Website Traffic 

Billions of people have signed up for Facebook, they have posted breath-taking photos and amazing videos and they have invited their friends and their friends’ friends to like them. While you guys are busy creating the next awesome chapter of your life story, Facebook on the other hand is taking advantage of your contents (photos, posts, videos) by putting ads around them. 

Is it not a no-brainer to create your own website where you can post your articles, share your photos and videos, and where you can build your brand? How much have you earned so far for posting contents on Facebook? Have you been rewarded for spending your time and energy on Facebook? If you are spending 99% of your time on Facebook why not use it to your advantage? Build your own Facebook, your own website.

Could AI One Day Replace Teachers 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology changes the face of medical science, manufacturing industries, banking industries, air transport, to name a few. 
Indeed, AI technology is increasingly becoming part of everyone’s life. 
As you may have already known, this technology will slowly conquer all sectors in order to reduce human effort and give accurate and faster result.

Teachers should be ready for the changes new technology could bring to the classrooms. Sir Anthony Seldon, vice chancellor of the University of Buckingham and former master of Wellington College has predicted that AI will completely transform the education system within the next 10 years. 

If you can predict where you are in the future and if you are confident with your abilities, there nothing much to worry about. But if there is something new you think you need to learn about now, it’s time to act. You have two choices: what’s easy or what’s going to help you grow — financially. 

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