SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, it is a certificate that became a standard of online security in the last few years. Websites these days are only recognized safe to visit if they are using SSL and HTTPS to protect your information.

SSL is not only vital for information safety but nowadays it also has a huge impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it helps websites rank higher.

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Go to where it says: SSL Certificates. In your case, you should now be seeing POSITIVE SSL. Click ACTIVATE.

You should now be seeing something like this: This is where you must enter the CSR code.

In order to activate your SSL, you must generate a CSR (certificate signing request) code. Don’t worry about what this is. Just follow these steps to get your CSR code.

Generate your CSR here.

Just enter the information needed following how I’m doing it and skipping Organization unit. Click GENERATE!

Important: Do not ever close this CSR/PRIVATE KEY/ CERTIFICATE tab yet. Keep it open.

Copy the CSR and paste it to where is says: Enter CSR. And then click Next.

Please copy the Private Key and save it somewhere. We will use it later. Again don’t close this tab/window with your Private Key. Keep it open. Losing the Private Key is a huge disaster!

After entering the CSR code and clicking next you will be taken to this page. I want you to choose Receive an email from the dropdown and then select your email.

After you select the email (, click Next.

Review information and click Submit to confirm your certificate request.

Wait at least 15 minutes and then go to your email account ( and follow the given instructions. Once SSL is set up status will change from pending to active.

After following the instruction highlighted in green, the certificate will be mailed to your personal email.

Sectigo Certification Authority will send a zip file containing the certificate and the Apache bundle file. You need to unzip these files and convert them into text files.

By the way you only need to convert the CA Bundle file into text since the certificate text file has already been provided as shown below.

Now go to your Namecheap account and click Apps and select EasyWP.

Find Manage and click it.

Click Manage/Change next to the SSL Certificate.

Click Add on the next page.

Tick Custom SSL Certificate option.

The Private KeySSLCertificate and CA Bundle boxes will appear. Remember the Private Key I was telling you to save somewhere? It’s time to copy and paste it where it should be.

Go back to your personal email and copy the entire text file as shown below and paste to where it says: SSL Certificate.

Going back to the zip file issued by Sectigo. Once unzipped, open where it says CA bundle.

Copy the entire bunch of texts from top to bottom and paste all of them to the CA bundle section in your EasyWp SSL dashboard.

You are all set. You should be getting a confirmation that you have configured it right. Also make sure the Status gets toggled to Active before leaving the page.

Give it a few minutes to see the lock icon visible on your website. That’s it!

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