How To Get An OEC In 2020

Ken currently lives in China and works for National Geographic Learning as an ESL teacher. When he is not teaching, he builds websites and writes blogs. He also helps teachers obtain a TESOL certificate and get a teaching job in China.
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  1. This is really informative sir! I am currently looking for a job in China and your blog just gave me a sense of direction. Thanks for this sir.

  2. Very helpful especially for first time applicants like me! Congrats, Sir Kenjie! I have learned a lot. Less hassle, less worries. 👋🏼

  3. Hey ken!

    Thanks much for this very helpful info!

    You’ve already answered my question about the med cert through WeChat. Thanks for the reply!

  4. Hi. The lady who assisted me during phase 1 said that once I see my name in the list of direct hires with POEA clearance, I have to go back to them so that they can schedule me for PDOS. I was just wondering if they will schedule your PDOS same day that you presented the list with your name on it or if you have to go back another day for your PDOS. Thank you

  5. Correct. Your name should appear within 5 business days. When my name showed up on the list, I went to POEA like so early as always and was scheduled for PDOS right away on the same day. I would advise you go to POEA once your name appears.

  6. Hi! I am currently processing my papers – authentication and all. My employer will get the authenticated copies for work permit, then for work visa. It’s a waiting game, but a game I am willing to be part of “para sa ekonomiya”.

    I am just wondering, if its better to wait for the work permit and work visa before processing medical for OEC? Or not?

    Do you have any recommended medical clinic? (affordable ones – if there’s one) *will check POEA’s list, but your recommendation will be highly appreciated* ✌

    Thanks for your guides! Will check your visa application for my next step – hopefully soon.


      1. In my case, my boss required me to send a scanned copy of my medical certificate for him to process my work permit. In short, I had already gone through my medical exam before my work permit was approved. I shouldered every single fee there was.

        Check out Sea-Landers Diagnostic & Treatment Center: Accordingly the fee is PHP2,300. You get your medical results in the afternoon if you go there in the morning. You can call them at: 0919-347-2369.

        Optionally, check out this list of DOH/POEA accredited clinics.

        Please share my blog if you think it can help others. I thank you much!

        1. Thank you for this very informative blog. I have kind of related question. I had undergone medical examination prior to my visa processing on June. Do you think I can use the medical results/certificate from that as one of the requirements for phase 2 or do I need to undergo medical examination again? Thanks.

  7. Hello sir! Just want to ask,if I already had my medical cert which I forwarded and used to process my work permit, then for phase II at POEA i dont need to undergo medical exam? What if I had my medical exam, last January 2019 and it’s stated valid until March 2019. Do you think POEA would still accept it? Super informative blog btw. Done sharing this to my co-teachers. Thank you!

    1. Wow, thank you much for sharing after reading. Glad you’ve found it useful and informative. To answer your question though, I believe POEA will not have you go through yet another medical exam. You don’t need a medical exam if you had one as part of the process of applying for a visa. From section IV, paragraph 2:

      A Direct-Hire OFW may be exempted from PEME if the worker has undergone a medical examination as a requirement for issuance of visa by the country of destination.

      This is stipulated in POEA Memorandum Circular No. 08 of 2018, section IV.

  8. Hi Sir Kenjie,

    Thank you for a very helpful article.
    I would like to raise the following question:
    – Is it mandatory to have the tor and diploma authenticated by DFA(red-ribbon)?
    – Is it mandatory to have the COEs(past employers) notarized/authenticated?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog.
      1. Mandatory
      2. Optional (It depends on your employer)

      Better ask your employer if they would like you to authenticate your COE’s. Please don’t forget to share my article to all. Thank you.

  9. Hi sir Kenjie,

    I’m currently a direct hire in SG, and due to circumstances, had to fly as a tourist in order for me to process my working visa (medical certificate and appearance in SG’s Ministry of Manpower).

    Therefore, I don’t have an OEC, although I have my contract verified by the Singapore POLO, and also processed my OWWA membership. Now, I worry that when I go back to our homeland this August, I wouldn’t be able to go back to my work as I don’t have an OEC, and based on your post, it takes around 3-5 working days. Now my problem is that my vacation would only span 5 days(Aug7-12), as there will be a long weekend due to public holiday that time in Singapore.

    Any tips sir regarding on what I should do? I love my current job and I wouldn’t want to be held in the airport and don’t want to lose my job due to problems occurring because of my holiday leave.

  10. Hi Kenjie,

    I already have a flight sched next week, but i only found out this week about the OEC. My employer in Taiwan is currently working on the authentication of the contract.

    Is it really necessary to have the POLO Endorsement Letter seeking for exemption from ban of direct hiring? And for the business license, is it okay if it’s just a copy and not the original? Im not quite sure if my employer can send the original copy of business reg.


  11. Hello Thanks for this! But is this your first time to work in China that’s why you process the direct hire? Thanks!
    I changed my employer but same job site. Though I’m thinking to process BM OEC instead of direct hire.

  12. Hi Kenjie,

    Just to ask since I will be going in DFA to authenticate my requirements. Since I know that duplicates should be submitted to POEA – should I authenticate two copies of my passport, COE, diploma/TOR and notarize two copies as well of the affidavit statement?

    Thanks so much in advance for your response! This blog is super informative and quite losing hope since I’ve known a lot of backdoors

    1. Walang sagot ito. Sayang 3 copies na tuloy pina CAV ko sa school ko. 50 pesos daw isa so 150 binayad ko sana masagot asap. Para hindi, 3 ang ibigay ko sa CHED.


      1. First, you don’t need to authenticate your passport. Second, Only need one copy! After ng CHED, saka mo palang pwedeng isubmit sa DFA, then Embassy. Dahil pre-requisite yan ng bawat isa. Better if you do it altogether, para di sayang time and effort mo.

  13. Hello Kenjie. Thanks for this very informative post. I really appreciate all the effort in detailing all aspects of the application process. One of the requirements for the OEC application is the COE from previous employers. May I confirm if it was still necessary to have these certificates notarized? Based from the POEA checklist given through this link ——-> (, under the item ‘Additional documents to support job application”, COE was plainly mentioned as a requirement, which I would assume the original copies of the COE would suffice. However, under the item ‘Notarized Statement”, COE was again mentioned but this time as “authenticity of diploma, TOR, COE and other certificates submitted”. I was trying to contact POEA’s hotline but I can’t seem to get through. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for finding my blog useful. Re: May I confirm if it was still necessary to have these certificates notarized? Answer: NO. Bring the original copies but submit the photocopy ones. Add me on Facebook or WeChat if you need more help. Click on the contact page to access my contact info.

  14. Hi sir this is very helpful. Thanks and if I may ask on your experience how many days po bago nyo lumabas name nyo sa online for the clearance ? Thanks. And may na encounter po ako error sa pag gawa eServices Profile. Wala po ako na received sa email as per the prompt. Thanks again

  15. hi sir, i am also bound to work in china but in shanghai and as an administrative officer, i already got my z visa just this week, will my process be the same as your process ? also, u said that its 5 days after u submit all the docs u can see your name in the list? how can i be so sure that my name will be on that list? I live in region 3, and i dont want to travel that far just to know that i am not enlisted. and thank u so much for the blog, very informative, saves me so much time.

  16. Hi,

    Thank you for this very informative article.

    May I know if it is required to make an appeal about the ban on direct hires at DOLE? Or is the authenticated employment contract will suffice?

    Looking forward for your response.

    Thank you!

    – Elle

  17. Hello sir!
    I’m bound to Taiwan for teaching. I’m just waiting for my visa and I’m feeling positive to already get a start on my OEC. However, the school’s business license they sent me does not have an English translation. Is it necessary to bring the english translation since it was not stated in list of requirements POEA handed me?

  18. Hi Kenjie,

    Good day, thanks for the informative blog post. Was just wondering if you had a one-way or round trip ticket when you initially flew to China for work? Asking this because my employer only provided a one-way ticket. Thanks!

  19. Hi Sir Kenjie. Thank you for sharing. Your post really helped me a lot and motivated me to just keep going and to stay positive (kahit napaka-challenging iaccomplish ng mga requirements! 😂😭)

    To answer some questions po,if I may:
    The POEA clearance (phase 1) is posted on their website under “announcements”, even for regional applicants. It’s on the lower left part of the home page.

    In my case, the authenticated contract was already sufficient and I did’nt need to appeal on the ban on direct hires. However for some countries (like my host Denmark), apparently they have new guidelines that require Apostille instead of Red Ribbon. Please check out this link if your host country is included:

    The Apostille was not in the checklist of requirements that I got a few days ago from DHAD. I almost cried when the kind lady told me that I needed the Apostille and not red ribbon (juskolord may kailangan pa?!😭😂) Buti na lang sabi nya makiusap ako sa admin’s office, so ayun pinayagan ako. Pero sabi nila sa December kailangan naka-Apostille na talaga ang contract.

    Good luck to all of us! 😊👍

  20. Hello! I must say your blog is super helpful and has enlightened me on how to process the OEC. 🙂 I am an interior designer directly hired from a firm based in Shanghai, and from the list you have, it seems like the most important document for the Chinese employer to provide for the OEC is the ‘red ribboned’ contract together with the business permits and their respective IDs. Would you have an idea if it is absolutely really necessary for them to come personally to the Philippine Embassy in Beijing or would there be satellite offices in Shanghai as well? This procedure seems like a great hassle for the employer.. Also, do you think POEA has an expedited/rush service available to fast track the process? I am scheduled to start on the 6th of January but with the timeline you provided, it seems like the whole POEA process will take more than 7 days… Looking forward to your insights! Thank you!

  21. Hi Kenjie, I would like to ask about the TESOL certificate. Can you please send me details in the email? Thanks!

  22. Hi Kenjie,

    Based on your experience, how many days did you wait for your POEA clearance- the gap between the time when the notice with your name posted in POEA direct hire website and the time when you had your documents assessed in phase 1?

    Thank you!

  23. Hi Ken, thank you so much for this. Super helpful! Just wondering how long was your process from Step 1 to getting the OEC because somebody told me it was at least 3 weeks? Is this true?

  24. Hi Ken. Your blog is very informative and detailed. I just want to ask regarding the requirement— ‘POLO Endorsement Letter addressed to the Administrator seeking exemption from the ban on direct-hiring’ kc parang hindi mo ata na-mentioned. If you have an idea about it, sino ba ung gagawa nun ako ba or ang POLO ang mag-iissue nun? Also, I would to know if POEA is very specific when it comes to the position ‘Professionals & Skilled Workers’ kelangan ba nurse, engineer, teacher, ect. ang pwede lang? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

  25. Hi Sir Kenjie! Thank you so much for this very informative blog. I just have a quick question. Can you schedule a medical examination on or before phase 1 (while waiting for your name to appear on the list)? and how long is the medical certificate valid?

  26. Hi Kenjie! Thanks for the informative information. I eould like to ask if POEA did asked you for letter of direct hire ban? because it is included in the requirements.. Thanks!

  27. Thank you sir, this is really helpful. I already have a previous OEC and would want to change my employer but still on the same country. Do I still need to undergo PDOS and Medical stuff? Please advise..thank you

  28. Hi, Kenjie. Thank you for your help. I really find your article very helpful. Just wanted to ask since I am being hired as a permanent employee and hence I don’t have a contract duration. Is it okay if I just buy a one year insurance at Paramount?

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About Me

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About Me

I am seeing ESL students—from the richest to the least privileged—who have trouble with English, and they’re getting worse. To help, I wonder if I could share a bit of my story.

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