Teacher Ken, how to learn English fast? This is, I think, the most frequently asked question ESL teachers get.

I am going to give you my two cents. But I am not going to tell you how it should be done. I am going to tell you how I did it. I believe every ESL student and ESL teacher, native or non-native speaker, should read this book.

I am telling you this not because I want to make more sales, but because this is a book about something far more important than just learning to speak and write in English. Its does not take much time for you to get it and the insights offered cost lesser than the amount spent on your groceries.

How To Learn English Fast

After spending so much money on vocabulary, grammar books, and ESL tutors, where are you at now? In the first place, why do you need to learn English? And why are you ready to pay for the classes? Many of the students I know enroll today’s class to pass tomorrow’s test. Is this who you are?

Some wonder why until now they can’t speak and write in English. When you take a closer look at what they do, they don’t really do anything at all. They don’t speak English. They don’t read. They don’t listen to podcasts. They don’t watch English films. Heck, they don’t even know why they study English!

Read And Grow Rich

Whenever I advise ESL students to read, only few respond. Why bother learning English if you don’t read at all? If you ask me how to learn English fast, the best piece of advice I must give is READ MY STORY. Yes, go ahead grab it now!

Have you watched YouTube clips on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary taught by native speakers? Great! They are undeniably the authority at telling you how to do it. No doubt.

However, have you, by any chance, listened to someone just like you? I mean, does it not make sense to get ideas from someone who has actually experienced what you experience?

It’s time for you to know how to learn English fast and how it feels being like you now!

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Posted by:Kenjie Suarez

Ken currently lives in China working as an ESL teacher. When he is not teaching, he builds websites and writes blogs. He also helps teachers obtain a TESOL certificate and get a teaching job in China.

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