How to reset cebu pacific email and password

How To Reset Email and Password For Cebu Pacific Account

Like you I did not know how to reset email and password for my Cebu Pacific account. Your Cebu Pacific account doesn’t have any option to reset either your email or password. I understand how frustrating it is considering you need urgent help and no one seems to help. Don’t give up just yet. This post will help you out. 

Cebu Pacific website has no option to reset password and email

Where to Reset Email and Password for Cebu Pacific

It was confusing for me at first since you’ll be taken to Get Go website where you see your reward points. But this website is where exactly all your information can be found. It’s where some account details like your email, password, phone number, and address can be changed. You can reset you password here. Click forgot password and enter your email as shown below. Go ahead and check your email. 

Input your email address
Click on the link to nominate a new password
Create a new password

Once done, you may log back in here using your new password. To change your email address, password and update your profile details simply follow these steps:

  1. Select Profile.
  2. Select login Details.
  3. Click the edit button (pencil icon) and save once done.

That’s pretty much it! I hope this article answers your question. If you think there is something I forgot to mention. Let me know through the comments below.