Now that your website is up, it is necessary that you follow this next very important step which is setting up your professional email. Forget about your website. We will go back to it when all else are configured.

At this point, we must set up your email account. Heads straight to Private Email and click on MANAGE.

You will be taken to where you can create your mailbox. Click CREATE MAILBOX.

In the Mailbox Name section I want you to type in: admin. You can change this later to anything you want (contact, hello, etc.), but at this point, I want you to use: admin. Input your desired password and leave the storage to 5. Click Save Changes.

Congratulations! Your email has been created. Go ahead and access your email with the credentials you just created. Go to where it says: Open Webmail.

This is the portal to your email account. You might as well bookmark this page. Go ahead and login.

If you wish to know more about this email account, click on Start Tour. Or you can cancel it if you think you don’t need to know anything else.

I want you to go to settings and select Basic settings and then select Time zone and then select +08:00 PST Asia/Manila if you live in the Philippines.

Enable autoforward so you will get messages from your website’s email account forwarded to your own personal account (gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc). Make sure to tick: Keep a copy of the message.

That’s pretty much it. Now that you are done with the email, we need to take care of your SSL certificate.

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