Teaching, according to Robert John Meehan, is an accomplishment and getting children excited about learning is an achievement. Indeed, being able to teach is already a great attainment.

How much more if you’re teaching enthusiastic kids in an equally enthusiastic institution? A win-win situation, right? And oh, when I say “enthusiastic institution”, SinceWin is what I mean!

I am a licensed professional teacher who’s been practicing my profession for over two years now. I was immediately hired in a private school right after finishing my degree.

I must say that it was an awesome experience! I love kids and I love imparting my knowledge to them. I mean, I was doing fine and all—not until it hit me—I’m already an adult and I have to think of my future. The equation is actually very simple: SAVINGS = BRIGHT FUTURE.

Shining Beginning, Bright Future

Come on, folks, let’s admit it—a private school teacher’s salary is not that competitive and entering public school is definitely not that easy! I can almost hear my life goals yelling: “WHAT NOW?!” at me.

Obviously, I really needed to step up my game and that actually means leaving my comfort zone. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, though. I really prayed unceasingly for enlightenment until one day, a co-teacher of mine told me about this ESL company in the Metro which offers accommodation, weekly food party, and Php 22,500Php basic salary, and a startling incentive that’s up to 15k!

Imagine? Not bad for an ESL Teacher, don’t you think so? Oh yes, I’m talking about SinceWin Academy! Apparently, I grabbed the opportunity. We went straight to their office and the rest is history. I am now a part of the most talked about ESL company in the Philippines! How good is that?

We Are One

Two months. Yes, I’ve been here for two happy months already! I don’t know why but everything just seems so ideal here, especially the environment and the people. Inevitably, there are exhausting days, but believe me, even during those days, happiness still creeps into my soul.

Why, the job is just so fulfilling! My colleagues and seniors have this power of putting me in a jubilant mood every time, too! Actually, they’re not just mere office mates to me; by this time, they’re more of a family!

You see, SinceWin has changed my life for the better. It has opened greater opportunities and made me adore the teaching profession even more. Now, I can proudly say that:

I have found the job that will continually delight my heart and, at the same time, will secure my future.

  • I have found a company which truly values its employees.
  • I have found a new equation: SINCEWIN = BRIGHT FUTURE.
  • I have found a great working place with equally great superiors and associates.
  • I have found SinceWin, and for that, I will forever be thankful.

Wanna be one of us? Do not hesitate to comment below.

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