Sometimes the most memorable discoveries while working in a company are the surprises you don’t expect.

You come to work to simply do your best and receive what you deserve. But…what if what you think you deserve is way too little than what the company thinks of?

I was already finished preppin my stuff, ready to go home when I got the announcement from our managers that we’re going to Lakawon Island! This is insaaaaane! It feels like this awesome news made you forget you’re tired.

October 1, 2018. This is the day! We woke up early so we could start the long ride. As we get there, we still need to sail across the sea to see the beauty of this paradise!

I had a hard time focusing on the jumpy motion of the boat, because that little ocean – a sterling Lakawon blue – kept playing everywhere. It’s hard to keep your balance when you’re going crazy for the scenery. On the other hand, you’ll see that on our bosses’ faces, they were a bit worried cause the waves are getting bigger. Sounds silly but sweet.

Finally, we parked our boat beside a station (I don’t know what it is) and dropped the anchor there. With a long bridge heading to the shore, you can see the 360 view of Lakawon’s horizon as you start ambling around. It was late morning and as they show us our vivid brown cottages, here, in this simple place, we continued having fun by playing some games (SinceWin managers as our judges).

You can’t deny the fact that SinceWinners are of complete package! From the witty composition of group yells to the different ways of striking poses on “Picture It”. Funny yet fierce! Everyone had wide smiles on their faces.

Then here came our lunch. Remember? At Sincewin, you’ll never get hungry! We had scallops, mouth-watering beef with mushroom sauce, flash fried squid, chicken, boiled beef and many more!

In the afternoon, we seized the moment and soaked ourselves in the water because hey, this was a view that called out to be celebrated. The sound of the waves lulled us into a state of Lakawon bliss. I have never experienced this level of relaxation! Only at SinceWin. Now, that’s one more reason to join us!

After many years in the ESL industry, working for other companies, teaching different nationalities, it was in SinceWin that I eventually found my worth as a ‘teacher’. I started believing that this is the path God has provided for me and that the joy I have while working here is the one I’ve been praying for

Truth be told, you’ll never regret it. They give the greatest perks and honestly, I literally wonder aloud, “Are they serious about giving all of this? Isn’t this too much?” But after hearing our bosses say, “Never use the company. Change ‘the’ to ‘our’. This is our company.” I knew that this is not just about building a business and making it grow. This is about growing a fruitful family. 

This is Teacher Nica, once again, a proud SinceWinner.

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