ESL teachers record classes for several reasons. And one reason is employers require them to submit video recordings for tracking and QA purposes.

Best Free Screen Recording For ESL teachers

There are plenty of screen recorders out there that tell you they are free, but once you have them downloaded, you get a message telling you the FREE version only allows 10 minutes for recording. A total bummer, right?!

Somehow you knew it’s not truly free, yet you wished it would work out okay. But it didn’t. Well, i’d like to help you by letting you try out OBS ( Open Broadcaster Software).

Why Is It Good

I am convinced it is the best free screen recording tool for ESL teachers. It is totally free. It has no time limit, no watermark, ad free, and very easy to use with one action to start and stop recording.

How To Use It

I’ve had enough of those free screen recording softwares that says free but don’t deliver on their promises. Download OBS right now and check out this video that will help you get this beautiful thing running.

Posted by:Kenjie Suarez

Ken currently lives in China working as an ESL teacher. When he is not teaching, he builds websites and writes blogs. He also helps teachers obtain a TESOL certificate and get a teaching job in China.

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