I am neither a social scientist nor a political analyst.
I don’t even know what it takes being recognized as self-professed.
Nevertheless, allow me to offer a host of theories
Explaining our society’s deplorable condition by employing sense of practicality or common sense.

If we carefully scrutinize what concerns most people nowadays, there is nothing more important than to achieve the much-desired progress.
Such an unsurprising attitude is shaped largely by a social environment that pays too much attention and gives inordinate importance to material wealth.
Broadcast, print, and television media exercise enormous influence why people’s minds have haplessly been conditioned and eventually enslaved.
Advertising practitioners devise powerful strategies and techniques to persuade everyone to want things they don’t really need.

It also aggravates the already worsening condition of living.
Social injustice are partly brought about by excessive pursuit of luxuries.
Bastard souls engage themselves in illegal activities fueled by greed.
While uprights have desperately turned into the worst of thieves just to keep their existence.

This might not have been the case had we manage to maintain the basics of our necessities.
But it seems always inevitable to keep ourselves from embracing further betterment.
For it’s innately human to make a constant search for new ideas and meet new experiences.
Of which our minds are being fed that someone else may gain the logic of business that is—profit.

We are made to believe unbelievable stories by the use of convincing powers of readings, movies, and speeches—like this.
But beware as I said, they carry messages purposely-designed to spawn influence.
Thus, they ought to be carefully examined so as to be perfectly safe.
Otherwise you get hooked into their deceptive spell and unknowingly become a slave.

Fortunately, you may get yourself released if you’re in such state as the aforesaid.
It does not, however, require the taking of the red pill like what Neo did in the Matrix.
Besides, there is no such thing as The One who can set you free other than yourself
From the brainwashing technique designed by these powerful media architects.

“Can we possibly avert the influx of change?” the slum-dweller inquired with a note of frustration.
“Or the outbreak of sophisticated machines?” the aggrieved bystanders interrupted in unison.
I doubt, it! Rather each must struggle against these challenges!” was my resounding rejoinder.
“At the same time strictly observe a normal balance of our sanity, righteousness, and contentment.
In this way, perhaps, we can build a place where the atmosphere of love, peace, and the like prevails.”

Posted by:Kenjie Suarez

Ken currently lives in China working as an ESL teacher. When he is not teaching, he builds websites and writes blogs. He also helps teachers obtain a TESOL certificate and get a teaching job in China.

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