Blogs are meant to help people looking for answers on the Internet. If you have real experience to tell and you share it with others through your blog, that makes sense. But if you write about something you have never really experienced, that’s another story. Sad one.

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I once worked as a ghostwriter for a British digital marketing firm. And the job requires us to write posts we know nothing about. To my colleagues, I guess the job came easy. All you have to do is search the web for similar topics, hit the keyboard, and then zoom: call your newly-published piece a high-quality original content.

Since when a rehashed content became original if you are not the real author and you have nothing original to say? To me, it was really tough. You gotta finish a 300 or 500 or 700-word article in about 15 or 20 minutes. No inspiration needed. My fingers just didn’t move quickly enough. At times I wanted to bang my head against the wall. I couldn’t help thinking: Would the best writers in history agree to call a content done with haste a quality masterpiece? You might say, “It depends.” 

Content Is King

Yes, search engines may be fooled into believing a website is useful as long as it is constantly publishing posts. But beware, behind the scenes are ghostwriters with less to no experience about the subject. Indeed, too much keyword-rich but authorless contents fill the web. There’s no real soul behind the words, no real motivation, no real authorship. Again, sad.

Do you think content is still king in this regard? Do you think a strategy like this deserves respect in the eyes of search engines? Has Google authorship resolved this issue? With my experience, ghostwriters write with their mind. On the other hand, authors with real stories to tell write with their heart. That’s why an article doesn’t have to be under 300-word or 500-word. If it contains soul and substance, man, I would take my meal right in front of my computer and devour both.  

Find A Mission

Blogs are meant to inspire, to inform, to entertain. If there is one thing you must ask yourself before you start a blog, that basic but powerful question is—why. Each has great stories to tell. One doesn’t have to be a ghostwriter forever.

Posted by:Kenjie Suarez

Ken currently lives in China working as an ESL teacher. When he is not teaching, he builds websites and writes blogs. He also helps teachers obtain a TESOL certificate and get a teaching job in China.

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