Do you think English affect us? Is it important in our lives? Does it benefit us?

Base on my own experience yes! Let us simply say I used to be a girl “who has it all” that turned out to be “a girl who has nothing at all.”

How did that happen? I grew up having a lovable parents who gave me everything I wanted: clothes, shoes, bags, jewels, everything! However, nothing is permanent in life. I guess the most powerful life lessons often come the hard way.

Back when I was studying in college, I was in my 3rd year to be exact when our family business got bankrupt. Due to our financial state, I needed to stop and look for a job to support and help my parents. I didn’t know where to start, what to do, and where to go. I felt helpless and I was just 18!

Then one day, one of my classmates asked me if I was willing to apply in this company called IBIZ ACADEMY (where her sister was working) During that time they were looking for employees who were willing to be trained and to be part of their team. Apparently, I didn’t have any idea about ESL companies. My classmate just gave me a heads-up. According to her in this type of job you have to teach Korean students the basics of the English language. Wow! It is my favorite subject since I was seven by the way! Out of curiosity and excitement I tried to apply as a walk-in applicant. Holding on to my resume tightly while my hands were shaking, I faced the interviewer.

Luckily, I passed! yay! And since it was a one-day process application, the manager asked me to go back the next day to start the training. Little did I know that English would be my way of survival after the tragic twist in my life. We don’t have control over circumstances in our lives, but we do have full control over our responses to any given circumstance as what Remez Sasson said.

My early adulthood didn’t end there though. Admittedly, I took their Teacher’s Training program for 2 months (unpaid.) It was never easy I promise! Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation all at once! It seemed like my brain cells were mumbling and crying for help! (Haha) But, being the instant breadwinner of the family there was no room for quitting. My mentors and co-trainees wanted me to succeed from day one (as the youngest in the group) they had given me all the encouragement, constructive feedbacks, manageable targets, coffee and biscuits to do that.

The adventure continuous, after passing the training, I became one of the teachers in Ibiz Academy. Little by little, as time goes by I was able not to just like, but to love what I was doing. It also feels like, I was born to be an online English teacher. (Hahaha)

I have never felt hatred towards myself as much as when I needed to stop going to school. I think a part of my spirit just died, which I am frantically trying to resuscitate. But hey! On a second thought, if it didn’t happen I wasn’t able to know what I am capable of doing. I wasn’t able to realize what I am passionate about. I bet life is a series of beautiful struggles.

I didn’t know I would end up doing what I do today. I’m pleased to say talking to online students is not actually like as daunting as I feared it would be. I usually ask them how their day has been, learning and using their korean names, cracking the odd smile and praising them sincerely when they have done well, which surprisingly easy to forget or overdose on when you start.

6 years later, guess what? Yes! I am still in the ESL industry, still a breadwinner, but I already have savings to finally go back to my studies soon! I am happy and contented with this type of job. My job has made me realize how important it is to learn and understand the English language at the early age.

English as a second language is a great asset, and it can significantly improve your life (like mine.) These days it is relatively easy to take an English class. Whether you take this class online, or in the classroom. There are many options out there. If I were you I would start right away!

Yours Truly,

Teacher Wena.

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Posted by:Rowena Necor

I am an ESL teacher for six years, I am a very simple, God-fearing, trustworthy, and kind-hearted human being. I believe in the motto "Whatever life brings you, just keep moving forward."

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